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Third Annual WST Candy Swap

Oct 30, 2014

For anyone who's ever wondered what 80 lbs of hard-earned candy looks like...


Spooky, huh?

This monstrous pile of goodies is our final stash  from last year's swap and we are aiming to break that record this year. For those of you who haven't gotten the chance to participate in our annual candy swap yet, this is the time of year where we trade your kids' Halloween haul for a 50% discount on a toy of their choice.

It's a win-win: your kiddo gets an eco-friendly, fun, and durable new plaything and we donate the sugary stuff to a worthy cause.

So, have fun tomorrow night and come visit us this weekend- wear a costume if you like, we'd love to see them!

p.s. eligible toys are 50$ or less and your child must be present!

The sun sets on Walking Stick Toys

Oct 13, 2014

We're closing our doors and celebrating 9+ years of rockin' a small business while raising our wee ones. 829 S Higgins has been home to a plethora of Missoula kiddos, a place to grow, a place to nurse, a place to share, a place to find magic, a place to learn, a place to find cool safe toys, a place to create, a place to dance, a place to party, a place to change a diaper, a place to imagine, a place to shop, a place to cry, a place to laugh, a place to visit, a place to remember. 
We realize there are many of you that might feel a special attachment to this place and maybe you have memories, stories, or nostalgia you would like to share. Over the course of the next month, we will have boxes in the store, so you can drop us a note. We'd love to compile the sweet memories and share them after we close our doors. If you aren't able to come by the store feel free to email [email protected] if you are so inclined. 
I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support and encouragement over the years to keep this dream alive. I was able to raise my children with a literal village. Growing up in a toy store is a pretty special way to grow up. 
We hope when you are passing by, over the course of the next couple of weeks, as we clear our inventory, you'll stop in and say hello and take a tiny token/treasure home to remember us by. We close our doors permanently on the 16th of November (unless our inventory doesn't last that long).
Everything in the store starting today is 20% off and will remain 30% off on Wednesdays. I'm sure some of the really fantastic treasures won't last long, so you might want to get in here as soon as you are able. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on birthday and holiday treasures.
Please follow us on facebook to hear about special events between now and our closing date, or sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you in the loop.  
Thank you for supporting us through the years. We love you!

*You have one month to use outstanding gift certificates, all sales are final, no returns, and our fixtures are also available for sale. Please inquire when you visit, if you are interested.*

October Specials

Oct 06, 2014

Keeping with our 'Walking Stick Wednesday' theme, we're offering something amazing through the entire month of October, but only on Wednesdays! 

If you didn't feel like spending your Wednesdays shopping for cool toys, books, art supplies, cloth diapers, baby necessities, cool locally made clothes, and treasures in our tiny shop - now you will. We're offering 30% off store wide on Wednesdays only through the entire month of October. 

If you are an online shopper please use the code WWSALE to get your discount for our Walking Stick Wednesday 30% off special. 

Spread the word! Happy Fall!

Plan Toys Green Dollhouse with Furniture

The dollhouse's energy efficient design includes a wind turbine, a solar
cell panel and electric inverter for generating electricity, a rain
barrel for collecting rain, a biofacade, which uses the natural cycle of
plant growth to provide shading, and a blind that can adjust the amount
of sunlight and air circulation. Also, recycling bins are included in
the set.

How do you celebrate Earth Week? 

Ages: 3 and up

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