Aug 03, 2012

This morning Erin and Willa were here when our little store opened. We got a text when we were en route that said "We need sugar!" 

We have butterflies!

And they are beautiful.


Simon ran down to our favorite neighborhood flower shop, and bought a handful of carnations to lay about the bottom of our habitat. 


We had some lunch and concocted lunch for our butterflies. We mixed 3 teaspoons of sugar in with a cup of water and used our handy little dropper to coat our carnations with sugar water.



Tomorrow I think we'll bring some watermelon for them to enjoy. We are having a fun time watching them and we'll keep them in their habitat for a few days before we release them.


The release is planned to be in the store, so we'll have flowers amongst our toys and clothes for them to enjoy for a few weeks. Please come and visit our butterflies!



They would love to meet you!


Plan Toys Green Dollhouse with Furniture

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